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Ecocard is a highly respected and used online payment method and currency transfer vehicle that is becoming the vehicle of choice of for a network of online casino gambling websites. Ecocard has the unique advantage of catering exclusively to the online gambling industry and online gamblers, setting up a custom made way to move money in and out of online casino gambling websites. Online gambling is Ecocard’s specialty and prime focus for business which is just what millions of gamblers are looking for as far as an online gambling payment method.

Ecocard has another benefit that appeals to millions of gamblers world wide which is that a client’s banking information is not necessary. For countless gamblers, not having to disclose their personal banking information is a load off their minds, particularly in keeping intrusive governments out of their business.

An Ecocard online casino gambling account can be funded by such outlets as Western Union, Money Grams, wire transfers, or direct via European bank accounts.

An Ecocard online casino account is a fully funded debit card and a preferred and reliable alternative to credit cards for online gambling purposes. More and more credit card transactions are rejected for online gambling purposes but Ecocard solves that problem since it is prepaid and debit.

Ecocard has been in business since 2000 and is instantly accepted by merchants and online casinos throughout the world wide web. The beauty of Ecocard is that it is simple to register and even more simple to use.

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Ecocard Bonuses

Ecocard Bonuses